Five things to know about whiplash

Car accidents in California can be life-changing. Whiplash is a common car accident injury that is caused by your neck getting forcibly bent forward and backward or the other way around. Here are some facts you should know about whiplash.


Whiplash injuries are typically the result of a car accident that includes rapid acceleration or deceleration, such as rear-end collisions. However, whiplash can also occur in sports injuries, especially in sports like rugby or football.


Common whiplash symptoms include pain in the neck and neck stiffness. Whiplash victims might experience dizziness, shoulder pain, blurred vision and tiredness. Whiplash symptoms are commonly confused with those of other medical conditions, so whiplash can go undiagnosed. Medical professionals recommend that car accident victims undergo a thorough check-up after any collision.


Whiplash can be diagnosed using MRI, X-ray or CT scans. In addition to using these exams, a physician will complete a full medical history and physical exam. Most whiplash injuries include injuries to the soft tissue that are not visible on an X-ray.


The treatment for whiplash will vary based on your overall health, age and medical history. Your doctor will evaluate the extent of the personal injury, your expected recovery and how well you tolerate certain therapies or medications. Treatment can include ice applications to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications to osteopathic manipulation.

Potential complications

Many people with whiplash recover within a few days to a few months. However, others have symptoms, including persistent pain, that can last many months.

Whiplash is an injury that medical professionals are still working to understand. Thankfully, individuals injured in an automobile accident may be able to seek financial compensation to help cover the expenses, lost wages and pain-and-suffering associated with whiplash.

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