Why are femur fractures so serious?

The aftermath of a motor vehicle collision in California can be harrowing. It can also be extremely costly. Femur injuries can be particularly serious This is because of the sheer amount of force that it will take to break this bone. If this occurs, you have very likely sustained other injuries as well.

High-impact crashes can fracture your femur

A broken or fractured femur is one of the worst possible results of a motor vehicle accident. This type of injury occurs more often to pedestrians and motorcycle riders than to car or truck drivers. However, it can have an equally painful and costly legacy to riders of any vehicle.

Femurs are the long bones that run from your hip to your knee. This name calls them because they feature femoral heads that insert themselves into your hip joints. The neck area of the femur is more commonly known as the thigh bone. This will be the strongest bone in your entire body.

Your femur also features a long shaft that runs through the length of your upper leg to its opposite end. This connects the femur to your knee joint. The result is a combination that is so strong that only a very high-level crash can cause it to break. Collisions between vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, are often the cause.

How are femur fractures usually treated?

Femur fractures are commonly encountered in the wake of an auto accident. These are divided into injuries that result in displacement and those that do not. If no displacement is present, your doctor may describe a simple regimen of crutches, a cast, and plenty of rest.

If displacement or fracturing is present, your recovery may be longer and more painful. Treatment may require the implanting of metal rods and screws to reattach all of the broken pieces. This will be the best way to ensure your femur will straighten and heal correctly.

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