Wrongful Death

Financial Justice After An Accidental Death In The Family

If your spouse, mother, father or grandparent died in an auto accident, a workplace accident or another serious accident, you may be eligible to bring a wrongful death claim against a liable party. You might sue another driver or any person or organization who was negligent and caused the accident that killed your loved one.

Our Stockton law firm is dedicated to pursuing compensation for people who were injured or lost loved ones in auto accidents, explosions and other circumstances involving negligence by others. We take a team approach to representing our clients so that all of us – attorneys and staff – can expedite our clients’ cases. To learn how these methods can benefit you after a fatal accident has taken a member of your family in or around Stockton, Sacramento or Jackson, contact VS Trial Lawyers.

Who Qualifies And Other Things To Know

Typically, a spouse or domestic partner and/or minor children are eligible to bring a wrongful death claim in California. If a son or daughter of the deceased person has died previously, grandchildren who are children of that deceased child may bring claims. If there are no such immediate family members, then parents, siblings and possibly stepchildren who had been financially dependent on the deceased person may qualify.

Do not try to be your own lawyer after a family member has died. Request a free consultation with an experienced trial attorney at our Stockton law firm. We can help you determine whether you and/or other family members are eligible to pursue compensation. We can also take the lead with the legal processes, including:

  • Proving that the death was a result of a particular accident or set of circumstances
  • Proving that someone or perhaps a company was negligent and caused the accident

Your case may also involve demonstrating the family’s losses due to the death of your loved one.

We Can Get Your Wrongful Death Case Started Now

You and your family may be occupied with the processes of preparing for a funeral, grieving together, taking care of practical issues and preparing for a burial. Rest assured that we can begin working on your case without disturbing your mourning process. We can also take burdens off your shoulders, such as by opening the estate and taking care of other legal steps that require immediate attention.

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