4 common causes of auto accidents

The highways in California are some of the most-traveled roads anywhere in the United States. Unfortunately, this means that millions of motorists face the unavoidable risks associated with auto accidents. Based on studies, there are some common causes of car accidents.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents across the nation. While texting and driving gets a lot of attention, anything that takes your attention from the road is a distraction, and it puts you and others at risk. Eating, drinking or changing radio stations are all examples of common distractions that result in wrecks.

Drowsy driving

According to studies, approximately 1/3 of Americans fail to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night. While you may assume that this simply means that you’ll feel sleepy or irritable the next day, there are other consequences to consider.

According to the CDC, driving drowsy is just as dangerous as driving drunk. The fact that there aren’t any laws that prohibit drowsy driving doesn’t mean that it’s not equally as dangerous. Even if you don’t fall asleep behind the wheel, being drowsy leads to slower reflexes and an inability to pay enough attention.

Driving under the influence

Every year, alcohol or drug impairment causes more than 25% of the fatalities on America’s roadways. In addition to being illegal, driving under the influence puts you and others in harm’s way. It’s worth noting that even if you’re under the influence of legally prescribed medication, driving under the influence is always dangerous.

Driving dangerously

When you choose to ignore posted speed limits, you’re putting yourself and others in danger. Studies indicate that approximately 2/3 of drivers admit to driving faster than the speed limit. This leads to a loss of vehicle control and an inability to react to what’s happening around you.

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