What are the biggest causes of workplace accidents?

Although most California residents are able to have normal, uneventful days at work, accidents can and do happen. Below are some of the most common causes of workplace accidents.

Wet, slippery floors

When floors are wet from being cleaned or polished or people coming in from inclement weather, it can cause slippery conditions. As a result, workers can go about their day and suddenly slip, fall and suffer injuries. This type of workplace accident could be avoided if warning signs or cones are placed in the area.

Clutter and other obstructions

Too much clutter in common areas can cause someone to take a dive and get hurt. Obstructions such as extension cords in pathways can also lead to an accident. The workplace should be as neat as possible and extension cords tucked safely behind workstations or under carpeting to prevent potential worker injuries.

Poor ergonomics

One of the most common causes of employee injuries is poor ergonomics. While this isn’t a workplace accident per se, people can suffer serious injuries like tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome as they develop over a period of time when using improper workstations.

Worker fatigue

If an employee is overly fatigued, it could lead to any number of workplace accidents. Some people work long shifts and may not take rest breaks. Others might be fatigued for reasons not related to their jobs. For example, someone might be taking a certain type of medication that makes them drowsy. Depending on the type of work they do, worker fatigue can be very dangerous and cause an accident.

Poor lifting technique

Some workers suffer injuries because they have to lift heavy objects but use poor lifting techniques. Strain can lead to a back injury.

Workplace accidents can be avoided with the right protocols and being aware of one’s surroundings.

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