2022 has been a deadly year for vehicle collisions

California is a highly populated state with millions of drivers on its roads. Commuters may wish to be mindful of increasing dangers and rising traffic accident fatalities.

Common dangerous driving practices

Commuters must be cautious because government statistics reveal that fatal accidents are rising. The first quarter of 2022 alone experienced 9,560 traffic deaths.

Since it is impossible to control how other people drive, wearing a seatbelt is advisable. Tragically, many people lost their lives because they did not do so and suffered fatal injuries on impact.

In addition, speeding could dramatically increase the chances of an accident. The faster a vehicle travels, the harder it can become to stop at the last minute. Many near misses occur because someone could control their car and move out of the way with seconds to spare. That becomes more difficult when speeding; plus, speeding could inflict more damage due to the velocity.

Various other dangerous moving violations could make driving riskier. Avoiding aggressive driving practices, such as weaving in and out of lanes and tailgating, could make the roads safer for everyone. However, some reckless drivers engage in these behaviors.

Negligence and behaviors behind the wheel

Certain actions remain an unfortunate occurrence on roads across the United States. Drunk driving continues to cause fatal auto accidents despite many attempts to raise awareness about the dangers. A person struggling with substance-abuse issues may take to the road impaired despite the risks.

Distracted driving continues to cause problems, and the continual growth of vehicle technology may further add to this issue. Sometimes, bad habits such as eating while driving are enough to cause a crash.

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