Workplace injuries and risks on the job in California

Any California workplace could be the site of an accident. Even the most well-managed work environment might find safety-conscious employees suffering injuries. A job with physical requirements may lead to ailments that a worker might not avoid. Hazardous work environments could result in unavoidable injuries. However, workers may take steps to reduce their risks of harm when they learn about the most common injuries people suffer on the job.

Workplace injuries

Workplace injuries take numerous forms; some could result from negligence, while others may reflect the toll a particular position takes on employees. The following five injuries rank as the most common employees deal with:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Repetitive motion issues
  • Getting hit by an object
  • Motor vehicle mishaps

The presence of slip-and-fall accidents might not surprise many. People can trip or slip for many reasons, from a wet floor to stumbling over something left on the ground. Workers who earn a living at a construction site or other profession using machinery may suffer injuries from getting cut or being caught between objects. Falling objects can inflict harm, including fatalities.

Concerns about workplace injuries

Even those who remain alert to dangers at a workplace might suffer harm. Repetitive motion and musculoskeletal injuries may manifest over time, although workers could suffer acute injuries from lifting too much.

Motor vehicle accidents on the job could lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Sometimes, visitors to the worksite may operate their vehicles negligently. For example, workers driving heavy trucks could become distracted and hit someone, which may even cause fatalities.

When negligence plays a role in an injury, the victim could file a personal injury lawsuit to recover their medical bills and other losses. An insurance settlement might provide a swifter conclusion to the claim.

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