What happens if a truck’s flying debris injures someone?

Each year, California drivers experience the pain and trauma caused by accidentally colliding with other vehicles. This situation becomes even more severe when a driver gets into an accident with a much larger truck. However, not all truck accidents involve direct collisions. Some of them happen after a truck loses a wheel or a tire.

Who’s at risk when wheels and tires fly off trucks?

When wheels and tires fly off of trucks, any person nearby is at risk. Of course, other drivers are in danger when wheels or tires from another vehicle rapidly head towards them. But it’s also important to note that police officers, construction workers, and other people in the vicinity are also at risk of being hit by flying tires or wheels.

The inspection process

After truck accidents occur, professionals need to inspect these events. In these types of cases, the goal of a post-accident inspection is to determine what caused a truck’s wheels or tires to come off this vehicle.

The people chosen to inspect the aftermath of a trucking accident varies on a per-case basis. Typically, one or several experts in accident reconstruction, engineering, and forensic investigators will be on the scene after trucking accidents occur.

There are a few common reasons why wheels and tires can suddenly come off a truck. One reason could be that a truck’s wheels or tires are defective. This unfortunate situation can also occur due to damaged axles, wheel bearings, or similar parts. Of course, improper installation or repair work can also be responsible for wheel and tire-related problems.

The wheels and tires on trucks can look small from a distance. However, they are heavy objects. Combine the weight of these items with fast speeds, and they can create dangerous outcomes.

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