The dangers of truck driver fatigue

Truck drivers have many responsibilities, with getting their cargo to its destination on time being a top priority. However, safety comes first when engaged in this occupation. Truck drivers who travel on California roads while fighting fatigue put themselves and others at risk. Catastrophic accidents may result when drivers can’t keep their eyes open or concentrate effectively.

Fatigued truck drivers

Drowsy driving mimics similar problems common with intoxicated driving. A driver’s concentration and reaction time might suffer, and the risk of passing out at the wheel might exist. A collision may occur if tiredness undermines a truck driver’s ability to operate a tractor-trailer. Crashes involving semi-trucks could cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

Federal and state regulations require drivers to take mandatory breaks and limit their hours on the road. Trucking companies must keep logs of the breaks, and drivers and employers could find themselves in legal trouble for ignoring such rules. Still, a driver could become fatigued even when taking required breaks.

Reasons for fatigue

Several underlying factors could cause fatigue leading to truck accidents. A truck driver could feel tired because the chosen or mandated shift induces fatigue. Sometimes, a driver may not be accustomed to driving at a particular time, which causes tiredness. Taking breaks might not be enough to alleviate the fatigue.

Drivers who get sick from a head cold or the flu could feel tired. Medicine intended to help with such illnesses might contribute to even more fatigue. Drivers choosing to take to the road while battling drowsiness could cause otherwise avoidable accidents.

Professional drivers battling substance abuse may drive drunk or under the influence of drugs. Such reckless behavior might lead to fatal accidents and serious legal jeopardies for the driver. Victims may seek punitive damages after DUI-related collisions.

Numerous factors lead to fatigued driving, and truck drivers should be mindful of them. Tired drivers who cause accidents may be liable for injuries they inflict.

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