Notes for teen drivers

Teenagers may feel thrilled about finally getting their driver’s licenses, but their parents need to caution them about safe driving. Experienced drivers could find themselves involved in collisions on California roads. A teen driver might present an even greater risk of causing a crash, which is why they need to be mindful of safety tips.

Tips for teen drivers

Among the most helpful suggestions involves telling teen drivers to follow all traffic laws. Young people may become impatient and commit violations, such as not coming to complete stops or speeding. Getting away with infractions might lead to a false confidence that supports continued dangerous practices. Teen drivers who commit moving violations might find themselves at fault for a collision.

Inexperienced drivers may benefit from sticking to known routes and avoiding congested traffic. Once a driver gains more experience, such routes might be less concerning. The same point could apply to driving at night or in inclement weather. New drivers, young and old, should get used to driving and their particular vehicle before commuting.

Avoid dangerous behaviors

A teen driver might not realize certain behaviors behind the wheel cause motor vehicle accidents frequently. Distractions, including looking at stalled cars or even carrying on a conversation with a hands-free system, may result in a crash. Unfortunately, infotainment systems make it tempting to pay attention to social media or send a verbal text. Such actions might be regrettable if they lead to a collision.

Transporting passengers could be a bad idea for teen drivers. Besides the potential distractions passengers might cause, these persons may sue a driver who causes a crash. Teens should become aware of the legal risks associated with car crashes. Anyone at fault for a car accident would likely face an insurance claim or lawsuit.

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