Data about men and distracted driving

Distracted driving might be one of the most dangerous activities on the road. One factor contributing to the risks would be that many commuters fall into bad habits that take their eyes and attention off the road. While anyone could become a distracted driver, statistics show that men might be more likely to suffer fatalities in distracted driving crashes. That said, all California drivers might benefit from safe practices and a clear decision to avoid distracting behaviors.

Men, distracted driving and collisions

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration logged figures and data related to 3,000 fatal distracted driving incidents. A closer look at the accidents shows male drivers were involved in 75% of the crashes. An immediate response might involve wondering if these drivers were making phone calls or texting. The data shows that smartphone use in 13% of collisions is a high figure but likely lower than most people thought.

The sheer number of distracted driving accidents can be frightening. Thousands of people lose their lives, reflecting a fraction of the total number of injured people. In 2020, 324,652 victims suffered injuries. Such numbers indicate distracted driving remains a deadly habit capable of ruining or outright ending lives.

Legal consequences to distracted driving

Again, phone use contributes to accidents, and the phone doesn’t need to be in someone’s hand. Reports on numerous auto accidents reveal that using tech features to speak hands-free doesn’t eliminate distractions. Talking to anyone in any manner comes with accident risks, and conversations with passengers could be deadly distractions.

Other troubling behaviors might involve eating and drinking while driving or combing one’s hair. Drivers might get away with risky practices only for so long. Eventually, the driver might face a lawsuit when an accident occurs because of this type of behavior.

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