Caught-in or caught-between worksite hazards

Caught-in or caught-between hazards may be present in numerous work environments. Warehouses, mines, machine shops, loading docks, and other jobsites present these hazards. California workers and others who suffer injuries on the job could explore legal options for compensation.

Injury risks

Caught-in and caught-between injuries involve someone impacted by two or more objects. A person hit by a vehicle and a fence or caught underneath a roof collapse are two examples. There are other ways such incidents may occur, including clothing getting caught by machinery.

Workers’ awareness could go a long way toward preventing such accidents. However, management has to do its part to ensure worksites are safe, such as putting up guardrails in certain areas or making sure drivers operate vehicles safely. Effective training could help employees avoid hazards. Management might need to emphasize safety training better.

Harm from caught-between injuries

Caught-between and caught-in injuries might result in catastrophic workplace injuries. Workers’ compensation claims could address serious injuries that leave a worker with a permanent disability. In addition to disability benefits, workers’ compensation may pay death benefits to the surviving family members. For permanent disability benefits, expect the benefits provider to seek concrete proof the claimant cannot return to work due to the injury.

Certain incidents of workplace injuries may involve the victims filing personal injury lawsuits. Independent contractors and visitors are not covered under workplace compensation rules, so they might file a civil lawsuit.

Gross negligence on an employer’s part may open the company to lawsuits from workers. The same may apply when deliberate actions result in harm. A supervisor who shoves an employee, contributing to a caught-between injury, might face serious legal jeopardies.

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