5 rehabilitation options after sustaining a TBI in a car crash

The aftermath of a car crash requires more than just emergency medical attention. The symptoms signaling the need for long-term rehabilitative care often come much later.

Your traumatic brain injury (TBI) may range from mild to severe, depending on how catastrophic the crash is. Death is also a real possibility, as recorded in 2021’s 69,000 TBI-related fatalities across the United States.

Despite permanent damages, there is hope in the rehabilitation program suited for you. 

Moving forward with rehabilitation

California’s Department of Rehabilitation upholds that no TBI is alike due to relevant factors, like what caused your injury or where the accident happened, which guides them in coming up with programs for crash victims.

Under the same logic, the Brain Injury Association of America establishes that there are different rehabilitative programs depending on varying degrees of your condition.

  • Outpatient therapy: If you have mild injuries not initially diagnosed and not requiring hospitalization, and if you’re coming from more intensive treatments
  • Day rehabilitation: Attending group rehabilitation by day and coming home at night after your discharge from sub-acute rehabilitation
  • Sub-acute rehabilitation: If you have low pain tolerance or progressing from post-acute rehabilitation
  • Post-acute rehabilitation: Often lasts six hours a day, targeted at assisting you in regaining your functional independence
  • Acute rehabilitation: Restores your mobility to do basic activities, like eating and walking, through a team of medical professionals

Your rehabilitation program may have specific medical complications that lengthen the process. In some cases, you might also need additional counseling and support as you try to cope with the emotional distress of this tragic event in your life.

A holistic solution

While you are reclaiming your health, your finances may quickly run dry. One of the urgent concerns you must address then is to seek financial damages from all liable parties. This way, you’d have enough resources to take back the quality of your life. But you’d rather not do this alone, especially with insurance companies trying to protect their clients. Having your own representative can take the legal stress away, so you can direct your focus on becoming whole again.


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