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Gil Somera

Trial Lawyer - Personal Injury & Criminal Defense

About Me

I am a 5 Star Rated (Yelp, AVVO, Google) trial attorney who has handled 1000’s of cases throughout California. 

I have handled numerous HIGH PROFILE cases (Civil and Criminal) some of which have received international media attention. 

I started my career as a criminal defense attorney, gaining invaluable courtroom and trial experience. As a result, I am a seasoned, passionate and an accomplished litigator who continues to receive extraordinary results in the courtroom. 

Whether it be Criminal Defense, Personal Injury or Civil Litigation, the team at Villapudua & Somera brings a wealth of experience, confidence, and the necessary fight which makes the difference in how your case resolves. 

I welcome you to schedule a free consultation to meet with me to talk about how I can help.

Professional Bio

Gil Somera received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California at Davis, and did so while working full time as the Executive Vice President of a multi-million dollar warehousing and transportation company. He went on to receive his Juris Doctorate, attending law school at night while working full-time as one of the top representatives and managers of the Thomson Corporation (NYSE:TOC) in their legal publishing division. The dedication and grit he put forth in his academic career would set the tone for his career as a top-rated trial attorney.

Having represented over 4,000 privately retained-cases in state and federal court. He has ample experience in complex litigation and major trial work, and is the determined, unyielding force that you want in your corner. Whether it be Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, Personal Injury, or Business Law, Mr. Somera brings experience, confidence, and the necessary fight. Mr. Somera takes pride in being a warrior in the courtroom on behalf of his clients, remaining firmly by their sides during the most difficult times of their lives.

When in an adversarial situation, you want someone that will fight “tooth-and-nail”, and it is with this dedication, passion, and innovation that Gil Somera fights for his clients. Having received several 5-star ratings and accolades for his work as a trial attorney, Mr. Somera is recognized as a titan of the industry—by judges, opposing counsel, and the community alike.

Mr. Somera is respected both inside and outside of the courtroom, having influenced the lives of many within the community. He has lended guidance to local youth, participating in programs such as Every 15 Minutes and delivering speeches to over 20,000 teens regarding the consequences of their actions and the importance of good decision making.

Choosing the right representation makes a world of difference in the outcome of a trial. With Gil Somera, you can rest assured you’re being fought for every step of the way.


Without going into too much personal information, about a year ago I found myself facing some legal matters that were severe enough to potentially destroy my career. A friend recommended Mr. Somera and after meeting with him I retained his services. The litigation process is very intense, it left me in a state of constant anxiety and stress waiting for a resolution, but at the same not wanting to face the reality and sheer devastation the conclusion would bring. My world was crumbling around me and it felt like there was no way out. I just wanted to take the plea and spend the future trying my best to repair the damage.

From the start, Gill was professional, direct, and fighting for me. He fought for me when I had already given up and was willing to plea. He reassured me that he would not stop until everything was dismissed, and he kept his word.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the Somera team. Gill always touched base with me and if I had a question he was easy to get a hold of. During a few days of the week, he is in court all day, but his assistant Jessica (not sure of her title) is amazing. She is quick, organized, and was immensely compassionate when discussing the predicament that I had found myself in.

Ps. This review is legit, and Mr. Somera is one of the best lawyers in the Central Valley.


Mr. Gil Somera did a wonderful job with my case. I couldn’t be happier with his services. His office staff is great too. I highly recommend him.


Gil Somera , is the best attorney you can ever get . He’s the best he’s not just an attorney he has love for he’s career and the reflects in what he does. So if you need a lawyer don’t look for anyone else just call his office he’s stuff is so professional I spoke with Miss. Lucero she was great and again very compassionate. (209) 465-6633.

Si un día ocupas un abogado de verdad te lo digo y afirmó que Mr. SOMERA es el abogado que necesitas no es un simple abogado que está nomás esperando un cheque el de verdad lucha por ti como si fueras parte de su familia .


Look no further. This is the lawyer you need. Gil walked my family through a difficult situation. He understands the emotional grief that comes along when you’re facing charges. He represented us in court with skill and professionalism. Very personable lawyer, I hope my fmaily never again needs legal counsel, but if we do Gilbert Somera will be the first person we contact.


Without a doubt, I would definitely highly recommend Attorney Gilbert D Somera to anyone looking for an Attorney. Mr. Somera handled my husband’s unresolved case in San Joaquin County dating back from 1994 with the utmost professionalism. We are glad that he took this case, because even though we reside over 3000 miles away, it was always easy to contact him or the office staff. We were always informed about the next steps. At the end, we were very pleased that Mr. Somera was able to settle the case with great results. He is very knowledgeable, and always courteous!

May S.

Dont bother looking elsewhere, Attorney Somera is the Best! Thank you for everything.