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Gilbert D. Somera, Esq.

Gilbert D. Somera


Mr. Somera received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California at Davis, and did so while working full time as the Executive Vice President of a multi-million dollar warehousing and transportation company. He went on to receive his Juris Doctorate, attending law school at night while working full-time as one of the top representatives and managers of the Thomson Corporation (NYSE:TOC) in their legal publishing division. The dedication and grit he put forth in his academic career would set the tone for his career as a top-rated trial attorney.

Gil Somera has represented over 4,000 privately retained-cases in state and federal court. He has ample experience in complex litigation and major trial work, and is the determined, unyielding force that you want in your corner. Whether it be Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, Personal Injury, or Business Law, Mr. Somera brings experience, confidence, and the necessary fight. Mr. Somera takes pride in being a warrior in the courtroom on behalf of his clients, remaining firmly by their sides during the most difficult times of their lives.

When in an adversarial situation, you want someone that will fight “tooth-and-nail”, and it is with this dedication, passion, and innovation that Gil Somera fights for his clients. Having received several 5-star ratings and accolades for his work as a trial attorney, Mr. Somera is recognized as a titan of the industry—by judges, opposing counsel, and the community alike.

Mr. Somera is respected both inside and outside of the courtroom, having influenced the lives of many within the community. He has lended guidance to local youth, participating in programs such as Every 15 Minutes and delivering speeches to over 20,000 teens regarding the consequences of their actions and the importance of good decision making.

Choosing the right representation makes a world of difference in the outcome of a trial. With Gil Somera, you can rest assured you’re being fought for every step of the way.